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HardSID Linux Driver Home Page

This is the home-page-to-be for the Linux driver for HardSID and Catweasel MK3 cards. The driver itself should be quite portable to other operating systems as well and this should also be one of the main objectives of this project.

Current released driver is version 0.16.


27.12.2003 - 0.16 release

No, we are not quite dead yet :) Another quick release to support PCI cards (both HardSID and Catweasel MK3) and the new 2.6 kernel. Enjoy!

26.1.2002 - Quick fix, 0.15a release

Only hours after the 0.15 release was made I noticed the read ioctl didn't work at all. Since Sidplay2 is going to use this feature I quickly patched it and made the 0.15a release. No other changes from 0.15.

25.1.2002 - 0.15 release

After almost a year without releases, version 0.15 is now wrapped up. This release is mostly just for compatibility with newer kernels, but a few new things slipped in: ability to disable filters, configure all parameters via normal module options instead of the source, flush, read and delay ioctls etc. This release is also compatible with the current 2.5 kernels so far. Other good news is that the Sidplay2 patch is soon obsolete as the support is being incorporated in Sidplay2 itself and should be available in the next release coming very soon.

23.2.2001 - 0.14 release and CVS move

0.14 release is now available offering support for devfs and channel muting. The later feature needs a bit more support from sidplay2 to be really useful, but as such you can use it to play mono sidtunes in stereo with two SIDs.

The other major change is that the CVS repository has now been moved to Sourceforge so you can get your daily fix more easily :)

27.1.2001 - One brown paper bag for me please

0.13 release fixes a stupid stupid STUPID bug introduced in 0.11, which caused an oops if you tried to open a nonexisting device. Slightly updated Sidplay2 patch is also included.

27.1.2001 - 0.12 release

Hot on the heels of 0.11 comes a new release, which fixes a serious bug with semaphores and 2.2 kernels. The semaphores weren't properly initialized by the kernel macro, which does initialize them correctly on 2.4. Well, fortunately this was found now and the driver should work ok also on 2.2 SMP again (hi, K-P :)

Another addition is a new version of the Sidplay2 patch, because the older one didn't apply anymore. This one is a more "proper" one and brings back working gui and samples (and even Galway noise). Enjoy!

25.1.2001 - The home page comes alive and new release

The project setup phase is soon coming to an end. Everything else is now in place except CVS repository, which is waiting for an import from my own tree. I'd like to retain the version history, which is why I'm waiting for the direct CVS repository access, which should be coming with the next Sourceforge update. Stay tuned.

Other things happened lately are multiple SID support (tested only with two HardSID cards, but should work also with Quattro) and that the driver works on Alpha out of the box. These are in the new 0.11 release available on the project page.

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Main project page
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